The Checklist of the Dependable Office Moving Companies

The difficulty of moving office is often underrated. When such an event awaits you, give yourself plenty of time to plan everything, and do not rush. The market is full of good office moving companies you can take advantage of. This post will give you a clear view of the entire process:

Early planning. Planning and organizing suitable transport for relocating your business in the last minute is the worst nightmare that you can have. To avoid such an inconvenience for yourself, your employees, and the movers you have hired, start planning everything well in advance. About six months before the actual move, you have to determine which staff members will take part in this event. Also, begin researching for licensed and reputable office moving companies. Consider the access to your new premises, as well as confirm the date of the move with a company.

Additional arrangements. The next point of your commercial moving project should be to talk to the professional movers about disconnecting your electricity, phone, fax lines, and mail services. About three to four months prior the big day, you have to finalize disconnecting all the computer and modem communications.

Notifications of your new address. Approximately two months beforehand, you have to notify all the companies, business partners, and managers you work with about your new location and mail address. Let your insurance company and banks know about that too. Send business cards and address updates by mail, email, or phone. You have to make your last arrangements with the movers you have chosen in terms of transportation, deadlines, and expectations.

Just before the move. Contact your suppliers and vendors to inform them about your upcoming business relocation. Call the new electricity, phone, and Internet providers to let them know you will no longer use their services at this address. Confirm the last details with your company about packing and moving all the stationery, furniture, and equipment.

The big day. Finally, the moving day has come! Now you have to be 100 % focused on the tiniest details. Keep an eye on the packing process and do not forget to complain if anything goes not according to your plan.

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