More about Our House Moving Service

Big Brother Little Brother Enterprises is a professional moving company helping the people who are currently in Philadelphia, PA move house. Our business is family-owned, and we established the company back in 2005. Over these years, we have helped so many families and individuals get all their belongings relocated safely, that we are now one of the most preferred companies in the area. But if you still haven’t heard of us or simply haven’t used our services, let us tell you more about the moving service we offer to the local residents.
Moving is actually considered to be the second most stressful life event right after the divorce. This is why you should not do everything on your own. Sure, friends and family can help, but chances are they don’t have enough experience and won’t be able to help you with everything. For this reason is always better to hire a moving service provider like us. We, from Big Brother Little Brother Enterprises, not only have trucks that will make the whole relocation process a lot easier but can also provide you with packing supplies and lift all heavy items for you.
When you hire us, you can rest assured that everything will be done quickly and no items will get damaged. We have the skills and expertise needed to handle every single stage of your move. From putting things in boxes and taking everything down the stairs to loading the truck and taking everything to your new address, we will help you. Each mover on our team is able to provide you with useful packing tips and will always make sure that your possessions are secured in the truck so nothing gets scratched or broken.
So in case you currently live in Philadelphia, PA and want to move in the same area or further away, we can help. Give us a call at (215) 763-0129 in case you have any questions for us or want to schedule an appointment. We look forward to your calls!